Guitarist, composer and educator Shawn Tamborini lives in Los Angeles, CA. He currently teaches and performs throughout Southern California.  

While attending the University of Nevada, Reno, Shawn was able to study with Ed Corey, Peter Epstein, and Adam Benjamin (Kneebody). Before his studies at UNR, Shawn was performing as well as pursuing his undergrad in Jazz Performance at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. In the smoky mountains Shawn studied under William Bares, Brian Felix (OM Trio), and Mike Barnes. In Asheville he was also able to perform with Cory Pesaturo, winner of Primus Ikaalinen World Championship and World Accordion Championship, among others. 

Shawn currently plays with several groups of varying genres, performing on multiple instruments, his primary now being pedal steel guitar. After a brief encounter with the lap steel, Shawn started studying pedal steel, and has since started to apply different musical modalities to this predominantly country/western instrument. Shawn has performed, recorded and/or toured with: Josh One, Jake Houston and the Royal Flush, Dainesly, Chi McClean, Ryan Saranich, A Blyss Abyss, Speakeasy, The St. Christopher Project, Jesse Daniel, Killer Waves, Keyser Soze, E.G. Phillips, Neeto, EJ Youngblood-Elements of Truth, The Reno Jazz SyndicateNico's Mystery and his own pedal steel trio, Make Him a Steak.

If you would be interested in projects, lessons, or classes please reach out.